Jen’s Gems

Jen’s Gems

Jen’s Gems!


I don’t sell tatty, old or tired
I don’t sell silly fashion that’s expired
I don’t sell kiddies clothing or traditional ‘men’s’
But everyone’s more than welcome to sample Jen’s Gems!

I sell prêt-à-porter, haute couture, elegance and chic!
I post on social media to give you all a sneaky peak!
My gems are glamorous and fabulous
Pretty, cute and sweet
Quirky, full of character
Gems to decorate your feet!

Fancy frocks and dressy tops
Statement coats and bags
Vintage, pre-loved, almost new
And some brand new with tags!

Floaty, clingy, tailored, classy
Rock chick, hippy chick, fairy girl
Every style, size, shape and colour
“Oh là là! Give us a twirl!”

Gems for daywear, nighttime, every season
Sophisticated, fun!
Frocks for frolicking, travelling, business, adventure!
Something for everyone!
Weddings, races, discos, debs
Weekends away or dinner
Cocktail parties, holidays
Every gem’s a winner!
All my gems are precious
Yet affordable to all
Because I believe that every woman deserves to be the belle of the ball! 💃👗👠👸

Come see them for yourselves
At ‘Jen’s Gems’ Friday market stall! 🤩💖